MathSys Inc. is a provider of virtual testrange software for electromagnetic (EM) modeling and simulation.


Our software scales smoothly from workstation environments to compute clusters containing thousands of compute cores, allowing fast analysis of individual components or a groundbreaking ability to perform full-platform integration scenarios.  This capability enables simulation of engineered structures, such as antenna systems mounted on complex vehicles (including aircraft, spacecraft, ships and other platforms), evaluation of radar cross section of military air-, land-, and water-vehicles, virtual testing of communications systems, design and testing of single/multi-radar remote sensing methodolgoes, and more.

Our customers and partners use our next-generation software for computer-based design verification.  With the capacity to model individual components or full-integrated platforms in the virtual testrange, we can save the high cost (and delay) incurred by iterated physical testing during system design and system integration.  The virtual testrange is based on exact-physics modeling and avoids the simplifications made in previous generation tools that prevent accurate simulation of complex structures.  This provides our customers and partners with a powerful tool to uncover the sometimes subtle combinations of interactions that would otherwise require expensive design-build-test cycles to determine if the designed system will be able to meet the systems requirements.


Our CAD to EM toolchain lets an engineer perform complex EM testrange scenarios on your existing design artifacts without the time and cost of complex, manual fixup and meshing stages.  In addition, our virtual testrange scenarios support parameterized modeling - allowing you to consider not just one design point, but a range of related cases - so that you can identify regions of feasibility within a potential tradespace. We also offer an optimization package that can be combined with the parametric tradespace generation capability to perform an automated tradespace optimization analysis.

Mathematical Systems & Solutions, Inc.

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