Products and Services:

Virtual electromagnetic testrange:

Understand the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electromagnetic interference (EMI), and electromagnetic environmental effects (E3) implications of your system design from an easy-to-use software interface.  We offer a complete software package that enables simulation of engineered structures, such as antenna systems mounted on complex vehicles (including aircraft, spacecraft, ships and other platforms), evaluation of radar cross section of military air-, and water-vehicles, virtual testing of communication systems, design and testing of single/multi-radar remoted sensing methodologies.



Tradespace generation module:

Understand the design trade-offs available in your system architecture.  We offer an additional parametric modeling module that integrates with the virtual testrange to offer a tradespace generation and exploration capability.  With this additional module, you can easily compare a range of antenna mounting configuration to understand the effects on their performance, compare the radar cross section of different design alternatives, generate mono-static, bi-static, or multi-static radar signatures for feature identification.


Tradespace optimization module:

Find optimal designs in your tradespace.  We offer an optimization capability that can be combined with the tradespace generation module to offer a fully automated tradespace search capability.  With modern aircraft mounting dozens of antennas with complex ineractions, finding the best arrangements through physical testing will be slow and expensive.  With this complete package, you can fine-tune highly coupled systems by allowing the optimization module to identify design alternatives that offer the best overall performance characteristics all on the virtual testrange.



Solver Engine:

The fast and accurate electromagetic simulation engine can be tailored to your needs, your workflow, and your toolchain.




MathSys engineers can provide virtual design and testing solutions on demand, including scenario contruction and analysis, specialized versions of the testrange software tailored to specific applications, or expertise in fast algorithms for PDE solutions.


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